Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Bylaws of Wyoming State Society Articles of Organization
Amended February 21, 2018

Article I
There is hereby established in the City of Washington DC, the Wyoming State Society [hereinafter called WSS].

Article II
Principal Office and Address
The principal office and address of the WSS shall be located at P.O. Box 76145, Washington DC 20013.

Article III
WSS shall be a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated, committee composed of its members, who shall be individuals. WSS shall be independent of any political party, candidate, or organization. WSS shall defray all costs and expenses incurred in the establishment and administration of and in the solicitation of contributions to WSS.

Article IV
The objective of the WSS is to organize past and present Wyoming citizens living in the Washington DC metropolitan area for the purpose of participating in charitable and social activities.

Article V
The membership of WSS shall consist of its initial organizers and such other individuals (past and present Wyoming citizens, and those with a legitimate interest in the welfare of Wyoming citizens) as may hereafter be admitted to membership.

Article VI
Contributions and Expenditures
Section 1. All contributions to WSS shall be made only in accordance with the law and shall be entirely voluntary, and no contributions to WSS shall be solicited or secured by physical force, job discrimination or financial reprisal, or by threat of job discrimination or financial reprisal or as a condition of employment.

Section 2. Neither WSS, any member of WSS, nor contributor thereto, if not a member, shall share personally in any funds or assets of WSS upon its dissolution, or any other time.

Section 3. The expenditures of any funds of WSS shall be within the sole discretion of WSS Executive Committee. No expenditures shall be made for or on behalf of WSS without the authorization of its Executive Committee.

Section 4. Membership dues to WSS, for the fiscal year, shall be and not exceed $20 per person and/or $40 per couple. Membership dues can be increased by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Annual membership dues are due and payable on the first day of January for the calendar year beginning on that date and ending on December 31st of that same year. . Said membership dues shall not be prorated to members during the calendar year. Members must meet the qualifications as outlined in these Articles.

Article VII
Section 1. Elections are to be held annually, on the second Wednesday in February. Two weeks prior to the election, an email will be sent out to membership stating when elections will be held, and the procedure in which they will take place. Anyone who wishes to seek an office and/or vote in elections must be a current dues paid member as outlined in the bylaws.

Section 2. Members who wish to run for an office must submit the following information to the current Secretary no later than one week prior to elections: name, office they seek, statement of interest and/or qualifications. Five days prior to elections, an email will be sent to membership that includes all members who are running and their statement of interest/qualifications. Members will be invited to vote via email if they cannot attend the elections meeting. All email votes must be sent from the voting members own email account. Email votes must be received by midnight on the day prior to elections. Those who wish to vote in person may do so at the elections meetings.

Section 3. Election votes will be tallied by a panel of Wyoming State Society members including: the current Secretary, the current Vice President, and two current dues paid members (chosen by the Executive Board). All votes will be held in the strictest of confidence, and destroyed once the final tallies have been concluded and agreed upon by the panel. Election results will be provided by the Secretary, stating the name of the person elected to office and number of votes received.

Article VIII
Section 1. The officers (also known as the “Executive Committee” or the “Executive Board”) of WSS shall be President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Events, Vice President of Fundraising, Vice President of Communications, Secretary, and Membership Development Chair shall be elected by dues paid members in good standing. Each officer of WSS shall continue to serve in such office until a successor is elected and qualified.

Section 2. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of WSS. The President shall have general charge and supervision over WSS affairs and preside at all meetings of WSS and the Executive Committee. The President may choose to appoint members of WSS to an ad-hoc committee to help coordinate events activities if needed.

Section 3. The Vice President of Finance shall be the Chief Financial Officer of WSS and custodian of its books and accounts. The Vice President of Finance, subject to the provisions of these Articles of Organization, shall have general responsibility for all funds collected by WSS and shall cause all funds to be deposited and all records and books of account to be kept in accordance with law and the directives and in a manner authorized by the Executive Committee. The Vice President of Finance shall also prepare, sign, file and maintain copies of any reports required by law or appropriate regulation of WSS. The Vice President of Finance shall also update the list of members in good standing (dues-paid members) annually.

Section 4. The Vice President of Events shall be responsible for managing the logistics of WSS hosted social events, including, but not limited to, obtaining necessary vendors, entering into and maintaining contracts with vendors, managing food and beverage operations, and other such logistical needs as the events require. WSS events may include, but not be limited to, a Cherry Blossom Festival Reception, Holiday Party, and C.O.W.P.I.E.

Section 5. The Vice President of Fundraising shall be responsible for coordinating solicitation of contributions to WSS, maintaining appropriate and adequate records of donations, and managing all communication with donors for purposes not limited to tax documentation and donor benefit tickets. The Vice President of Fundraising may recruit other members of the Executive Committee to assist in fundraising outreach and strategy.

Section 6. The Vice President of Communications shall be responsible for all mass email and social media communication with members of the society, as well as maintaining and updating the website in a timely manner. The Vice President of Communications may update communication methods as technology and membership engagement deem appropriate, but at minimum must maintain regular and timely communication with members. The Vice President of Communications shall also be responsible for any public engagement of the society, such as event advertising and media or information requests.

Section 7. The Secretary shall regularly update and maintain all information records of the WSS, including minutes of WSS Executive Committee meetings, and will be responsible for membership services, including individual membership communication and maintaining accurate membership records, excluding good standing status. The Secretary shall also be a liaison to the National Conference of State Societies, and regularly check the Post Office Box (unless designated to another Executive Committee member on a case-by-case basis).

Section 8. The Membership Development Chair shall be responsible for engaging with members regarding their satisfaction with WSS events, social events, and other activities. The Membership Development Chair shall generate ideas and develop plans to adjust events and outreach accordingly. Additionally, the Membership Development Chair will be responsible for any miscellaneous tasks delegated by the President.

Section 9. During the absence or incapacity of the President, the longest serving member of the Executive Committee, or the Vice President of Finance if there is no member longer serving than another, shall assume the duties and exercise the power of the President. This member shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by these Articles, by the Bylaws of WSS, or by the President.

Section 10. The membership of the WSS shall elect the officers of the Executive committee annually.

Section 11. Terms of office. The Officers shall assume their duties on the first day following their election, and shall serve for one year, or until their respective successors have been duly elected.

Section 12. Vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be filled by the Executive Committee, by majority vote in one of three ways: (1) Secretary moves up, (2) appointing another member of the Executive Committee, (3) appointing a member of the WSS.

Section 13. Any member of the Executive Committee may resign at any time upon written notice to the WSS.

Section 14. The Executive Committee may add additional officer positions to the Executive Committee as needed, such as At-Large Representatives or other positions as the Executive Committee determines necessary to the successful functioning of the WSS. Additions must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 15. Members of the Executive Committee must be updated and listed publicly on the website and on any other relevant communications following the annual election.

Article IX
Executive Committee
Section 1. The financial affairs of WSS shall be supervised and directed by the Executive Committee. A quorum of the Executive Committee for the transaction of business shall consist of a majority of its members. All expenditures and contracts require the approval of both the Vice President of Finance and the President.

Article X
Section 1. The Executive Committee may be called into session by any of its members whenever such member or members deem it necessary that a question relating to the affairs of the WSS be considered by the Executive Committee. Meetings of the Executive Committee of WSS shall be held at least six times annually.

Article XI
Adoption of Amendments and ByLaws
Section 1. These Articles shall be adopted effective February 21, 2018.

Section 2. These articles may be amended, adopted and/or repealed by action of a majority of the Executive Committee; provided, however, that Article IV, and section 1, 2, and 3 of Article VII shall not be subject to amendment or repeal so long as WSS remains in existence.