About Us

The Wyoming State Society (WSS) serves both as a refuge for Wyomingites in Washington, DC who are far from home, and as an embassy for those who represent the ideals, traditions, and lifestyles of the Equality State on the East Coast.

Founded in 1977, the WSS mission is to celebrate the history, culture, social traditions, and philanthropic ideals of the people of Wyoming. We are proud to have an above-average population of Wyomingites in the Washington, DC area and WSS is a great way to gather us together for a taste of home.

Membership is limited to folks who are from, or have ties to, Wyoming. Click the Membership tab above to learn how to become a member.


2019 Executive Committee/Board: Craig Thomas, Liz Malm, Vince Kreul, Sam French, Charlotte Cowles, Maridi Choma, Abby Lampela, and Marty Tatman.

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