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All are welcome, both Wyomingites and non-Wyoming natives. Event ticket includes open bar, live country band + dance floor, and a mechanical bull competition. This Saturday night at Eastern Market (SE DC). Details below. Curious what COWPIE stands for? “Committee Of Wyoming People In the East!”
COWPIE 2018 ad - ft. WGB.001
Click here to buy your COWPIE 2018 tickets! 

Where West Meets Washington

The Wyoming State Society is a nonprofit social organization that serves both as a refuge for Wyomingites in Washington, DC who are far from home, and as an embassy for those who represent the ideals, traditions, and lifestyles of the Equality State on the East Coast. We organize several events each year to socialize with fellow Wyomingites, network in DC, and have fun!

Interested in getting involved? There’s lots you can do (click on one of the options below):